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As General Contractors, we are entrusted to assemble the right team to get our projects done on time and on budget. While overall costs are always important, cost alone is seldom the only factor we use when selecting our team. Equally important to cost is a company’s professionalism, knowledge, and experience.


As one of the Principals and Founder of DAI General Contracting (Damato Associates Inc.), I have had the pleasure of doing business with Lindley Fire over the past 20 plus years and not only with our Company but with my former employer as well.

Over our 18-year company history Lindley Fire has not only completed well over 60% of our projects they have lent their expertise and vast knowledge of their discipline. We’ve had some run of the mill projects and some very complicated. LF has always treated every project the same, like we do; attention to detail, sense of urgency and an outstanding ability to finish. We are fortunate to call Lindley Fire part of the DAI Team.

Larry Damato, Principal, DAI General Contracting

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