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Our History

The Lindley name has long been associated with the fire sprinkler industry in California. Les Lindley started working in the fire sprinkler industry in 1960 and by 1968 purchased Barnard Engineering Co. Inc. By the mid 1970’s, Barnard Engineering was an industry leader in the protection of large industrial warehouses from California to Texas. Barnard was the first company to install ESFR sprinklers in California and was always on the cutting-edge of technology. By 1983, Les needed help running the family business and this is where our story begins.  


Chip Lindley started working for his father at Barnard Engineering in 1983. After working at Barnard for 10 years, Chip decided to form his own company and started Lindley Fire Protection in October of 1993. Opening in Anaheim, California, Chip was fortunate to have several clients from his prior 10 years in the business that followed him to the new venture. By the year 2000, there were well over 100 employees at Lindley Fire Protection and work was being completed in five states. Operations Manager Steve Shamrell was able to effectively coordinate all the crews in many states at once. A combination of hard work, determination and evolution led to many successes in the fire sprinkler industry.

In 2019, Lindley Fire Protection was purchased by a group of investors called Expedite Fire, Inc.

Upon purchasing Lindley Fire Protection, Expedite Fire changed the name of the company to Lindley Fire and it continues to operate as Lindley Fire to this day. With over 75 combined years in the fire sprinkler industry, partners Chip Lindley and Steve Shamrell, have seen many changes to the business of fire sprinklers.


One thing that has not changed is customer service.

We endeavor to treat our customers with respect and provide them with, “cost effective solutions to their fire protection needs”. Today when you call Lindley Fire, you will speak to either Chip or Steve personally. They will provide you with answers to your questions and they will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve.   

Mission Statement

To always be fair and honest with our partners who put their trust in us and with our family of employees who we trust and respect. With this, we are determined to create an atmosphere that will foster successful productivity to seize our full potential.

Meet The Team

Chip Lindley.jpg

Chip Lindley


Steve Shamrell.jpg

Steve Shamrell

Director of Operations

Patrick Del Real.jpg

Patrick Del Real

Lindley Systems

Chad Lindley.jpg

Chad Lindley

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Austin Sodaro.jpg

Austin Sodaro

Lead Sales Representative, Fire Extinguishers

Jacob Looney.jpg

Jacob Looney

Service Coordinator

Adrian Barragan.jpg

Adrian Barragan

Field Superintendent

Les Lindley.jpg

Les Lindley

1940 – 2015

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