Lindley Fire Protection Co., Inc.

Tenant Improvement

Every Type of Building

Lindley Fire has been installing tenant improvement sprinklers in every type of building and occupancy for many years. We can install sprinklers in every type of use from executive offices and prison cells to government approved clean rooms. We can install pre-action fire sprinkler system as well in high security IT server rooms and freezer/cooler buildings.

Don't Take Risks

Fire poses a real and substantial threat to your personnel, materials, equipment, records and other assets. Each year, companies that were not protected or were under-protected go out of business or lose their customer base and competitive edge. In fact, statistics indicate that over 50% of all companies suffering from major fire loss never reopen, and another 20% will close their doors permanently within three years of the fire. But, in the event you can escape this kind of tragedy, lack of adequate fire protection can have a profound effect on insurance premiums as well as the saleability and leasing potential of your building.

Protect Your Assets

Lindley Fire offers you the finest in fire protection and safety services. We have the capacity to handle any size of project up to millions of square feet. You may retain our firm for one phase of your project, from new construction to retrofitting or for the entire job from beginning to end. At Lindley Fire, the scope of our operations is worldwide, with clients that include many of the best-known names in the aerospace, commercial/retail, hotel and manufacturing industries. We are consistently chosen for projects that involve the protection and safety of large distribution centers and warehouses with considerable inventory.