Lindley Fire Protection Co., Inc.

Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Quarterly Inspections prevent Damage

Lindley Fire is pleased to offer quarterly fire sprinkler inspections to meet NFPA and CSFM regulations for maintenance. All fire sprinkler systems are required to be inspected. Some specialized systems require weekly or monthly inspections to meet code. Quarterly inspections ensure that you are meeting the minimum standard for inspection and can help to prevent further damage if problems develop. Lindley Fire will inspect each of your fire sprinkler components as well as your fire alarm system.

Superb Protection

At Lindley Fire, every project receives the same careful planning and attention to detail in order to provide the best possible protection against specific risks. By reducing these risks, we can also help significantly reduce insurance premiums and, at the same time, enhance the sale / lease potential of your structure.

Outstanding Quality

Lindley Fire's staff of experienced professionals helps your project flow smoothly. Our ability to supply staff and materials for an entire project contributes to superior quality control from beginning to end.