Lindley Fire Protection Co., Inc.

Five Year Certification (Title 19)

Title 19 Testing is Required

Five year certifications are required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local jurisdictions. In addition, the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) requires Title 19 tests every five years. Lindley Fire can perform these tests and test all components per the NFPA and CSFM guidelines and provide detailed reports of any findings. These reports are also beneficial to insurance underwriters for improved rates on your fire insurance. Call Lindley Fire immediately if you are issued a citation for non-compliance. You can also be proactive and schedule a five year certification early to ensure compliance with the law.

Significant Cost Savings

As one of the industry's largest non-union fabrication shops, we can offer you significant cost savings without compromising quality. Our large buying capacity allows us to purchase materials at a lower cost. The fact that we have complete on-site facilities minimizes downtime as well as reliance on outside suppliers.

Outstanding Quality

Lindley Fire's staff of experienced professionals helps your project flow smoothly. Our ability to supply staff and materials for an entire project contributes to superior quality control from beginning to end.