Lindley Fire Protection Co., Inc.

Fire Pump Testing

Complies with NFPA, CSFM

Fire pumps can be one of the most intimidating aspects of fire protection for clients. Lindley Fire offers fire pump testing to comply with NFPA, CSFM and local requirements. Fire pumps are required to be tested weekly and Lindley Fire can provide weekly service/testing as well as service at other intervals. All weekly and quarterly testing contracts include the annual fire pump performance test required by NFPA. This test involves flowing water through pitot tubes and establishing performance thresholds for fire department compliance. Diesel fire pumps testing includes maintenance of engines, batteries and fuel tanks.

Excellent Service

Complete on-site facilities and a full-service operation expedites every phase of a project. More-over, our experience and ability to work with every principal connected with your project reduces delays and provides optimum results. We like to think of our organization as one that continues to research and improve our service to our customers. We always welcome your visit to our facilities so that we may continue to develop new work styles that will keep us in the forefront of sprinkler technology and improve our reputation of service.

Outstanding Quality

Lindley Fire's staff of experienced professionals helps your project flow smoothly. Our ability to supply staff and materials for an entire project contributes to superior quality control from beginning to end.