Lindley Fire Protection Co., Inc.

Corrosion Mitigation

Industry Leader in Corrosion Mitigation

Lindley Fire Protection is an industry leader in microbiological influenced corrosion (MIC) mitigation in fire sprinkler systems. Lindley Fire utilizes the latest technology in the fight to mitigate internal corrosion damage within steel and ductile pipe. MIC has become one of the largest challenges in the fire sprinkler industry and Lindley Fire is expert in the detection, mitigation and restoration of bacteria-damaged piping. MIC is present in all steel piping and all piping should be tested for the presence of this highly damaging bacteria.

Specialized Kits

Specialized kits allow Lindley Fire technicians to quickly check systems for the presence of MIC and to then add specialized corrosion mitigation agents into the piping to retard active corrosion and to prevent further damage.

Outstanding Quality

Lindley Fire's staff of experienced professionals helps your project flow smoothly. Our ability to supply staff and materials for an entire project contributes to superior quality control from beginning to end.